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Community Languages

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Community Languages and Language Links

HPPS develops language and appreciation of culture by teaching Key Learning Areas through Home Language and English

In 2021, Community Language classes will study Creative and Practical Arts (CAPA) through their home languages. Language teachers will teach the content of this key learning area, as well as home language speaking, reading and writing.

At HPPS our Community Language classes are Arabic, Bengali, Urdu and Indonesian. Our team works to provide support across all stages from Kindergarten to Year 6. Language Links classes are for students who do not speak one of our community languages.

Community Language teachers support students in their mainstream classes as well as in the language classes. This allows students to make deeper connections with the learning through the link with their home language.

Our Community Languages and Language Links teachers are: 

Ms Alashhab (Arabic)

Ms Yasmin (Bengali)

Ms Sultana, (Bengali - Mon, Tue, Thurs)

Ms Basir (Indonesian - Mon, Tue, Thurs)

Mrs Ijaz (Urdu - Mon, Tue, Thurs, Fri)

Mrs Mustafa (Urdu - Mon, Tue, Thurs)

Mrs Arambatzis (Language Links)

Ms Willick (Language Links)

Mrs O’Malley (Language Links)